Welcome to the website for the Mad Astro Dynamics Research Group at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. We study the dynamics of galaxies through simulations, theory, and observations. On this website we have figures and movies from our research, links to publications, and biographies of our members.

We currently have research positions available for undergraduates at UW - Madison. Please contact Elena if you are interested.

News of the Month

Lekshmi's recent work showcasing the evidence for a vertical kinematic oscillation in the Galactic disk is now accepted for publication in Astronomy \& Astrophysics Letters. This work constrains the kinematics of the Radcliffe Wave using young stars and open clusters as tracers and studies the vertical velocity trends of young stars beyond this region. She discovers a kinematic wave in the Galaxy, distinct from the warp, with the amplitude of oscillation depending on the age of the stellar population. By doing a similar analysis in a N-body simulation of a satellite as massive as the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy impacting the galactic disk, the paper proposes a possible origin for this bending mode. ArXiv pre-print available here: 2112.08390

Additionally, Scott has received the Duncombe Prize for the 53rd Meeting of the Division of Dynamical Astronomy to be held April 2022, and Elena has received a NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) grant to build a prototype of the CREW HaT system for shielding astronauts from harmful radiation.

Close Collaborators

Alfonso Aguerri IAC, Spain
João Alves University of Vienna, Austria
Gus Beane Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
Bob Benjamin UW - Whitewater, WI, USA
Ron Drimmel INAF, Osservatorio Astrofisico di Torino, Italy
Carrie Filion Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD, USA
Andy Fox Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD, USA
Jay Gallagher UW - Madison, WI, USA
Lars Hernquist Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
Eloisa Poggio Observatoire de Nice, France
Bart Wakker UW - Madison, WI, USA
Ellen Zweibel UW - Madison, WI, USA

Research Funding Sources