We currently have research positions available for undergraduates at UW - Madison. Please contact Elena if you are interested.

Elena D'Onghia

Associate Professor in Astronomy Dept. My research combines unique analytic models and high-resolution numerical simulations to get new insights into the dynamical processes that form the stellar skeleton of our Galaxy.

Scott Lucchini

Scott is a graduate student currently pursuing his PhD. His work focuses on understanding the formation and evolution of the Magellanic System through the use of N-body hydrodynamical simulations. His work has recently been published in Nature: "The Magellanic Corona as the key to the formation of the Magellanic Stream" Nature 585, 203-206. (2020).


Dhanesh Krishnarao

DK is a NSF fellow at Johns Hopkins and he was a former postdoc and student at UW - Madison. He is working on obervational detections of the Magellanic Corona with HST data and he also works on identifying kinematc signatures of resonances in bar galaxies.


Rachel McClure

Rachel Lee McClure is a National Research Foundation Graduate Research Fellow pursuing her PhD in the UW - Madison Astronomy Department. Her research is an exploration of the formation and evolution of bars in disk galaxies throughout the universe by testing cosmological and isolated galaxy simulation results and comparing with large survey resolved galaxy observations across the spectrum.


Lekshmi Thulasidharan

Lekshmi is a PhD student in the Department of Physics. Her work is focused on studying corrugations and density waves in the Milky Way disk using data from Gaia, APOGEE, and SDSS-V.


Dorsa Majidi

Dorsa is a graduate student working on the origin of exponential profiles in disk galaxies and implications of chemical abundances in the Milky Way (using SDSS-V).

Teddy Pena

Teddy Pena is a graduate student in the Astronomy Department working on the origin of exponential profiles in Lambda-CDM models. His interests include high redshift galaxies, space based surveys, and the role of physics in society.

Madeline Romfoe

MJ is an undergraduate student at UW - Madison working on understanding the origin of the Arcturus moving group to expand our understanding of its dynamics.

Vincent Lu

Vincent is an undergraduate student working on developing chemodynamical models to be applied to SDSS-Gaia data.

Emil Pellett

Emil is an undergraduate student whose work focuses on using wavelet transforms to detect moving groups in the kinematic plane of the Milky Way. He is currently working on Gaia data around and beyond the Solar Neighborhood which will be used discover and refine the positions of moving groups.

Former Postdocs

Carlos Vera-Ciro
Data Scientist

Former Graduate Students

KITP Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Santa Barbara
Stephen Pardy
Analyst at Chase Bank
Tim Haines
Postdoc at UW Computer Science
Alicia Kundert
Data Scientist

Former Undergraduates

Graduate student at University of Vienna
Calvin Osinga
Graduate student at University of Maryland
Alexandra Borukhovetskaya
Graduate student at University of Victoria
Patrick MacGregor-Lachance
Graduate student at Carnegie Mellon
Sam Carman
Graduate student at Stanford
Boquan Erwin Chen
Graduate student at University of Sydney